The Commonsense Childbirth Institute utilizes The JJ Way® Model, designed by Jennie Joseph, throughout its entire curriculum

The JJ Way® Protects Dignity

Access for both patient and provider to respectful, equitable, evidence-based, quality care and support, Including immediate and unrestricted access to services, regardless of ability to pay.

Connections for both patient and provider to each other, to the baby, to family, to community, to support systems, to resources, to collaborations and ultimately to perinatal safety.

Knowledge of practical and respectful evidence-based ways to benefit, support, educate and improve health and outcomes without re-traumatizing patient and provider.

Empowerment of both patient and provider, including systems, agencies and organizations leading to perinatal transformation and improved outcomes overall.

The JJ Way® Saves Lives

The JJ Way® is a dignity-protective, patient-centered model of care. It is effective in reducing disparities and improving outcomes because it operates from the human rights premise that every woman wants a healthy baby and that every woman deserves one.

Materno-toxic Zones: Jennie Joseph designed this midwifery model of care in order to reduce the racial, class and gender disparities which have plagued American families for decades. When three to four times as many African American or Native American women die, or nearly die, due to pregnancy, birth or postpartum related illness than white women in the United States, it is obvious that something is seriously wrong. Jennie is clear that the problem lies in the institutionalized and structural inequities, not only in health care but throughout the many social determinants of health that impact how we live, work and play, as well as the personal biases, – conscious and unconscious – which perpetuate the unequal treatment that is harming mothers and babies in the USA.

A broken maternity care system: Due to the high prematurity rates and maternal morbidity and mortality experienced by low income, uninsured and African American women she established a clinic specifically for pregnant women who are at risk of not receiving quality care because of systemic inequities . Her “Easy Access” Women’s Clinics offer maternity care for all, regardless of their choice of delivery site or ability to pay, and have successfully reduced both maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in Central Florida since the 1990s. The Birth Place and Easy Access Clinics offer a unique opportunity for all pregnant women to choose the site, setting and type of provider for their prenatal care and the delivery of their baby. Working in partnership with women by raising their status from patient to client and maintaining their dignity, Jennie has encouraged them to be proactive about their treatment and care, while educating them on how to navigate complex health systems. Fathers, family members, and friends are brought in as part of the mother’s team and engaged in the goal of helping her achieve a healthy, full-term pregnancy and to breastfeed her baby. In turn, her staff are empowered to provide ‘wrap around’ support and services in addition to traditional prenatal and postpartum care thereby operating from respectful patient-centered, team-based, collaborative approaches and protocols.

The Commonsense Childbirth Institute houses online training, courses and programs to support you, your colleagues, your agencies and your organizations in changing these outrageous outcomes by applying her cost-effective, practical and achievable methods to your specific situation and work environment, and empowering yourself to stand for that change. It’s a matter of life and death!

Evidence-Based & Solution-Oriented

Jennie’s question is simply this – “Where is the evidence-based outrage?” Having seen the mountain of evidence that clearly shows the impact of racism rather than the inherent ‘flaws’ of the race of the women, she has worked to prepare her patients and staff to counter these lethal obstacles by developing strong health and systems navigation protocols and personalized care plans. 

The JJ Way® methodology has resulted in consistently low rates of prematurity and low birth weight babies, low rates of maternal morbidity (poor health) and high rates of breastfeeding among women at highest risk of poor outcomes over the last 20 years. Evaluations and studies have shown statistical significance for greater gestational age and birth weight of JJ Way® patients when compared to comparably matched women from the same demographic and zip codes. There are both quantitative and qualitative studies regarding Jennie’s work as well as continuous reviews of the impact of her clinical and educational programs. Jennie’s model of health care, The JJ Way®, provides an evidence-based system to deliver MCH services which improve health, reduce costs and produce better outcomes all round.

Jennie Joseph is The JJ Way®

Jennie Joseph is a British-trained midwife, a women’s health advocate, the founder and executive director of her non-profit organization Commonsense Childbirth Inc., and the creator of The JJ Way®. She moved to the United States in 1989 and began a journey that has culminated in the formation of an innovative maternal child healthcare (MCH) system, markedly improving birth outcomes for women, especially those at greatest risk.

Her career has spanned 40 years since beginning her midwifery training in London in 1979. Jennie has worked extensively in European hospitals, American birth centers, clinics and home birth environments. She has been instrumental in the training and regulation of Florida midwives since the 1990’s and has been involved in midwifery education in the USA since 1995. She is the former chair of Florida’s State Council of Licensed Midwives. Currently she owns and operates a Florida licensed midwifery school – Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery; The Birth Place – her nationally renowned free-standing birth center – and the Easy Access Women’s Health Clinics which are all integral parts of her holistic ‘maternity medical home’ concept in Orlando, Florida.

She has pressed for linkages and collaboration with other public and private agencies in an effort to maintain continuity of care for the safety of her clients but also in order to bridge the gap between America’s maternity care practitioners. She has developed and administers perinatal professional training and certification programs to address the health care provider shortage, diversify the maternal child health (MCH) workforce and mitigate persistent racial and class disparities in birth outcomes. 

Jennie Joseph has built up a reputation across the United States and has given numerous presentations, including a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill, in order to discuss the statistical data as well as describe practical solutions to improving birth outcomes. Jennie is a regular presenter at maternal child health conferences and organizations; she has a leadership position amongst US and international midwifery movements and is a subject matter expert on racial and perinatal disparities in the USA.

Jennie firmly believes in patient-centered, woman-centered, family-centered care and works tirelessly to support the systems, providers and agencies charged with delivering that type of care. To learn more about our national work please go to