Maternal Child Health (MCH) Specialist 

Course Description

The Maternal Child Health (MCH) Specialist is a training and certification program that equips health navigators, community health workers, outreach personnel, care coordinators, home visitors, doulas, childbirth educators, lactation educators, nurses, midwives, and physicians to understand their local and regional systems and resources. This training provides the ways to negotiate and navigate through the systems that provide perinatal health care and safety for women and babies who are at particular risk for poor outcomes.

The MCH specialist training and certification can be achieved in a one-day (8 hour) educational session and covers the various angles that are pertinent to breaking down and understanding the interrelatedness of health care systems and how to help vulnerable pregnant and parenting women negotiate and navigate those systems.

During the training, topics covered will include each level of the perinatal hierarchy; from the grass roots right through to the specialist regional perinatology teams, as well as methods of access and approaches to increase linkages. Each participant will be provided with and trained on how to use Perinatal Toolkits and Safety Protocols to assist clients across the spectrum.

This training has been developed by Jennie Joseph, using The JJ Way®, her evidence-based maternal child health care system which promotes the four tenets of access, connections, knowledge and empowerment to decrease health disparities, improve birth outcomes, and reduce costs.

Course Objectives
● Describe the effect of racial disparities in perinatal outcomes on all members of society and discuss current approaches to eliminating them
● Understand The JJ Way® Method and how it can impact health navigation on a local and regional level
● Discuss the strengths and challenges of perinatal resources and systems
● Understand the components of The Perinatal Toolkit and how to use it
● Utilize one or more techniques to apply this knowledge in their own practice, facility or agency.

● Support development of action–steps to implement in the future–saving projects and programs dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable women and babies in the area
● Understanding scope of practice and code of ethics required by The Commonsense Childbirth Institute

Certification Requirements

● Attend a CCI MCH Training Program.

Certification will be given to participants who complete the 8-hour training.

Learning Materials & Resources
Students will be provided with all learning materials and resources in class.


Training Dates

The MCH is a great training for agencies that want to make an impact in their community as well as individuals wanting to expand their knowledge base. The Commonsense Childbirth Institute can bring the training program to your area. To sponsor a course, you must help secure a training location and promote the program in your area. General Class Time 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Total hours: 8 clock hours 8 RN and LM CEUs offered. For overall course cost, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

Do CCI’s certifications require recertification?
Our programs come with a lifetime certification. No re-certification required.
Are there any prerequisites required for MCH training?

No, there is no special training or diplomas required.

If I live too far away, can I sponsor a training in my area?

Yes, we have designed the program for those who have difficulties coming to Central Florida. Commonsense Childbirth Institute can bring the training program to your area. To sponsor a course, you must help secure a training location and promote the program in your area. If 20 students enroll, the “sponsoring” student’s course tuition is complimentary. This is a great way to earn certification at a reduced rate!

Is the credential of Maternal Child Health Specialist regulated at a State or Federal Level?

No it’s not. The training and certification are issued by Commonsense Childbirth Institute.

How can I use MCH training to make more of an impact?

Our research has shown that when women have a good support in pregnancy and birth, the results are better outcomes. The MCH training increases your awareness of the barriers and challenges, faced by women and families in the USA and provides you with practical solutions to address them. This life-saving information may also help you to create or support  a “Perinatal Safe Spot” for marginalized and at-risk moms in your community.