Lactation Educator Certification Program


This course is an excellent starting point for those interested in learning about the process of breastfeeding, and educating new mothers about breastfeeding. This course teaches the anatomy and physiology of the breast, changes during pregnancy and lactation, and prepares the student to assess and provide anticipatory guidance regarding maternal nutrition, initiating and establishing successful breast feeding, recognizing and managing common breast feeding problems, and referral to community resources and breast feeding products.

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Total Internship hours: 30 clock hours Lactation Education Certification Requirements COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To increase the student’s awareness of the need to promote and support breast feeding 2. To increase the student’s knowledge of breast feeding basics, including anatomy and physiology 3. To be able to identify common and complex problems with breastfeeding “4. To be aware of breastfeeding devices and their uses 5. To promote consistency of information given to breast feeding mothers 6. To encourage a positive approach to breast feeding promotion 7. To encourage adoption of policies that promote and support breast feeding 8. To increase the student’s skills in supporting the breast feeding mother 9. To increase awareness of other groups who are promoting and supporting breast feeding 10. To encourage communities to work together to promote and support breast feeding Shall be granted to those who choose to complete the requirements below, following the 24 hour training program :
High school diploma, GED or certificate from an institute of higher education
Complete the required reading list. Counseling the Nursing Mother A lactation Consultant’s Guide– Fifth Edition Judith Lauwers & Anna Swishers
Non-pregnant participation in a lactation preparation class & breastfeeding class.
Develop a Lactation Education curriculum
30 hours of Internship
Co-teach or teach a breastfeeding class
Observe 3 Births
Two letters of recommendation from Lactation professionals
Successful completion of written exam

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Febuary, March, May, July, October, November, December

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Novice, Experienced, Fellowship


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